Please help me solve a problem about the firebase rest api

Im trying to store the web url in the firebase and using it via a rest api. In the web viewer it write the web url, but i just want to open the web url instead. Does there any solution to this problem. I already tried to store the webviewer to the label, but it can't connected.

This is what i got

Screenshot 2024-03-02 011627

Thank you!

Check this:

It would be better to use the web component to return the value, then set this to the webviewer gotourl.

Thanks for the advice, im tired to use the web component and i test it by return the content i get to the label3. It turn out to be a exactly url that i want, but when i put it in the view url there are http://"https// why is this happened?

You should show your relevant blocks for the web component to webviewer process...

Here it is.

That address is not correct:

I think i found the problem. the get responseContent return a ""
But to put in the go to url it must be Is there any way to remove " " from the response content?


Thank you sir. You saved my life again :sob:

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