Please help me simplify this Interface

Greetings, I am trying to simplify the following sketch that someone helped me create/ I wish to eliminate the hidden area that displays the three information pages and, instead, simply have the data display directly below the icon in the home page. Please see my attached desired screenshot and blocks image.

Currently, one must press an image button that takes you to a "hidden" page where the information is displayed, then you must return to the homepage. I would simply like for the data labels (Pressure_ble, Humidity_ble, and Temperature_ble) to display beneath the icons that represent the reading on the homepage.

It is my hope that someone can show me a properly designed block for one of the three data points that achieves this or, at least, describe to me the logic that is currently escaping me. All I am trying to do is simply remove some button presses. Respectfully - Baran

New_Psychrometer.aia (1.0 MB)

Hi Baran

I will do a bit of the interface for you and you can copy the technique.

BTW - the file is not a Sketch, a Sketch is a .ino file.

You are streaming data in so you don't need a refresh button. Since you are not scanning for devices to produce a list for the User to select from, you don't need scan code or button. When registering for Floats, that does not need a Clock Timer - in fact your project does not need any timers. You have a Classic BluetoothClient - are you going to use it? You should add a Screen On Error Block and point it's results to your Status Label.

Interface: Study how I have setup Temperature and Humidity, do the same for Pressure. It's important to name your components well - if you want help from us, we should be able to see what is what.

See my site:

New_Psychrometer2.aia (1.0 MB)

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for your willingness to mentor me here, and to provide some consistency to my rather flippant use of terminology. .ino = sketch and .ala is, well, just a file.(albeit a very special one, with magical powers;). In the .ala file I posted, I am totally confused by the architecture that allows multiple "screens" to exist on just one screen. There seems to be far too many vertical and horizontal arrangements than necessary, although that might just be a glimpse of my own ignorance around the app inventor.

.aia is your Project File. Hence the App Inventor IDE has a list of your Project Files.