Please help me regarding the procedure Block

from this procedure block

to this type of procedure block


You cannot.. because second one is output procedure. From the first procedure, it clears that you are expecting to draw but that is not possible with second one, if i am correct

thanks for your reply...

Well, you could, but in your blocks you would need to define an output....


often also done like this:


But he wants to draw, if so is that be possible ? Well i didn't try that. Yeap i always use that local variable to do the calculations.. but ... ...

Ok let me try that canvas

In place of result what should i put??
True? Or any other?

why do you think you should use the procedure with result block?
probably it makes sense to first learn more about the difference between procedure and procedure with result


My listview is created by using Dynamic Component extension.. So for every element in the list view i want canvas for icon.. Thats why i need that

This is nothing about Dynamic Componnet. It's up to you, what you want to return from the procedure.

this one