Please help me fixing tinydb in my app

hello here’s my aiamainandriod.aia (341.8 KB)

Can anybody tell me what i did wrong. my tinydb isn’t working.

Basically in the i want send simple messages when i click the button to the phone numbers listed.

Also screen 1 should appear when he first opens the app. Please help me with that also.

Replay please

please be patient, if someone can help they will come along…

Ok patience is the key to success

This app you make it for save phone number

yes. it is to store phone number

And also to send a message to the given phone number

wheres the problem i dont see any bugs or error

the tinydb isnt working

should i try using file instead of tinydb

Where exactly is it not working, at what point in the workflow?

from the beggning

That is not the case, because if you type in a phone number, it is save in the tinydb, and returned with the getValue on screen2

Could I suggest that, instead of trying to do everything at one, and have it not working, that you create a simple project, and build the workflow for that step by step, testing as you go, so that you understand and can see it working. once you have the basics in place, then you can develop on from there.

thanks i will try that.

I have seen all of your tinydb and everything is correct so what do you think the bugs are. I think the bugs might be in the “activephonenumber” tag.

Thank you. :+1: :smiley: