[Please help me]Dynamic component image sprite speed bug / glitch

i use extension : [F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2 - Extensions - Kodular Community
edited by Mod - removed extension
and my image dont wont to move when i set speed picture:

There is a Sprite true/false attribute that switches the Sprite between rotating and moving.

I don't see where you set it.

on other spirits i dont have issue but there rotate and move ...

no there is no i can't see it in proporties ...

edit : on documentaiton is something like that : To have an ImageSprite move 10 pixels to the left every 1000 milliseconds (one second), for example, you would set the Speed property to 10 [pixels], the Interval property to 1000 [milliseconds], the Heading property to 180 [degrees], and the Enabled property to true. A sprite whose Rotates property is true will rotate its image as the sprite’s heading changes. Checking for collisions with a rotated sprite currently checks the sprite’s unrotated position so that collision checking will be inaccurate for tall narrow or short wide sprites that are rotated. Any of the sprite properties can be changed at any time under program control. i did that and nothing

Which version of the extension do you use ?

The last it was on page

do someone have idea why it's dont work or have extension that will work with that?

use this and it will move. use your own id block instead of mine.

oh alright , i had to downgrade but will use this in the future thanks!