Please Help, Making My Own Builder Through App Inventor

Hi, I want to build my own builder with app inventor.
I read the instructions at GitHub but it seemed to hard and tough.

Is there any easier way?


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Everythig is not easy in this world.


Hi there and welcome to the community
If you want to make your own builder then you need to have a lot of knowledge of Java, Kawa and Scheme(according to me)
And if you want to make it for users then you need to pay for servers and google app engine

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It is easy just follow the instructions


Follow this guide. I also made using this guide


What you made it????


He is trying to make another app inventor

I know,
but I was asking that has he made it or not?

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no, I didn't it yet

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I would recommend against trying to run your own version of App Inventor as a service for others if you have difficulty understanding how to apply the instructions in the README. App Inventor is a complex piece of software with multiple moving parts and it is not trivial to run it for a large audience. You may want to start with trying to build your own extensions, etc. to become more familiar with the system first before taking on a larger task.


I am building some of my own extensions.

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Following this guide, and doing this

It's sad, that's a tough world...

can anyone help?

git clone
was successful?
after that do a

cd appinventor-sources
copy sample-.gitignore .gitignore
git submodule update --init



Yes, the cloning was sucessfull.


@Taifun help here

whatever you are doing after git clone you have to change the directory... protip: read the error message and read my previous answer...


You should clone in a path you are comfortable with

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@Taifun & @Sagnik_Chatterjee As there were some problems with cloning the repo is it ok to download the repo manually and then doing all the steps?