Please help I am not able to understand what is wrong!

I am trying to play sound through this as a way to try but the sound is not playing at all
I am not able to understand why the url entered won’t work also how to prompt open browser

You do not really show us any relevant blocks.

Try just calling the url in the browser without the if condition, does that work?

Show your blocks for playing the sound
Show the url you are calling

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I want to create an app which can open any site at some point in future already scheduled by the user by opening the browser automatically
Please help

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  1. What you propose will only work if the app is open and running. Is that what you want?
  2. Simply use a date/time picker to return an INSTANT of your future date/time, then use this to compare against the value of the Clock1.Now block (you will need a clock timer for this block - just disable the timer)

But I want my app to open the link even when the app is closed and we just need to schedule it