Please help, How to use 2 CloudDB at MIT App Inventor (gets error messages)

Guys Do you know how to use 2 CloudDB at MIT App Inventor Without errors

Hello please help me

Drag out 2 CloudDB components ?

Yes, but there was an error in the application

I do not see any errors, I have even used different tokens, generated in different sessions.

Please show your relevant blocks and the error message you receive. It is very difficult to understand what your problem is if you just say it doesn’t work, without showing us what you are doing…

Ooo the tokens must be different :sweat_smile:

If you get errors like this or similar


especially if your app once worked ‘perfectly’ It is because the default CloudDB server is having issues. This frequently occurs on weekends and during periods of high use. Sometimes it goes offline, sometime it has memory issues.

The MIT server may fix itself in a short while as user activity diminishes. Try again later.

The CloudDB server glitched several times yesterday and ‘fixed’ itself. It seems fine now.

If you want/ require reliability, please use your own Redis server. The default server is for testing.


Thanks StaveJG, but how to make my own Redis server

Alternatives (by Tim):

HOWTO: Setup a Local Redis Server for CloudDB

Re: How do I host my website to ’ redis ’ to use CloudDB on AI2?

…and use a FirebaseDB instead of a CloudDB. The FirebaseDB runs on Google’s servers. It uses Blocks with similar functions.


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