Please help. All the blocks have disappeared

Good morning, can a moderator recover a project for which all the blocks have disappeared? I need help. :frowning:

Could you explain your problem in details ?


  • How did it happen ?
  • What did you do before it happened ?
  • Did you misclick the Delete all blocks option ?


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This morning I opened the program and modified a couple of things. It's an app I've been working on for a whole week. Apparently a problem arose when performing the autosave and all the Screen2 blocks have disappeared. Is there any way to recover an old copy? this Friday for example.

Ummmmm..... Maybe AppInventor developers have some knowledge about this fact. I know only @ewpatton of them.

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Export your AIA by opening your project, and on the top bar, click Project > Export selected project (aia) to my computer. Then, post your AIA here.

I believe Boban and Dora can also help.

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Also, I know a way of preventing this.

That way is regular backups.

You can do it by Clicking Projects > Export All Projects option on the homescreen.


Next time, at the end of a day when you finish your project, export your project and save it on your computer to keep it safe. This is called "backupping" your project, so that when all of the blocks disappear, you can still track some progress.

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Well, I see I got into a problem.
I had to present it today and I will not be able to present it to the company.
Since I have everything in my head, I'll try to start over and make periodic saves so that it doesn't happen to me again. I have been doing projects for about 3 years and it had never happened to me. Thank you all for your interest.

I found a copy from 5 days ago. I will continue from her.

I have not said anything because I have become very nervous :slight_smile: but I would like to thank everyone here for their attempt to help and the quick response. A greeting from Spain. Thank you.

If you send me the account name and the project name we can try to investigate. Usually, the autosave only becomes an issue if you're not on a stable internet connection and it cannot talk to the App Inventor server. If there is something on the server we can try and recover it for you.

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