Please Help, About Index ID Google Sheet

I follow tutorials by this link

But, i want to make column 'A' as ID, can anyone help me??

i wan't ID automatic, i want to creat unique ID. thanks u before

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Where do you want to generate the ID, in app, or on the google sheet ( I would guess google sheet which would then ensure continuity)?

What format will you use to generate the ID ?

The premise will be that you either have a formula in A1 that fills the column (means that ID's will change if you delete a record in the middle), this is good if you want to "match" the style with an App Inventor list index. Or you run a script/formula each time a new record is created. How are you creating/addin/deleting records ? If using my CRUD web app, it would be easy enough to add a row at the beginning of your new record with a generated ID. Google Firebase devs provide a nice script that they use for their time based data ids.


   var r="0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",e=0,t=[];
   return function(){var o=(new Date).getTime(),n=o===e;e=o;for(var a=new Array(8),h=7;h>=0;h--)a[h]=r.charAt(o%64),o=Math.floor(o/64);
   if(0!==o)throw new Error("convert entire timestamp");
   var f=a.join("");if(n){for(h=11;h>=0&&63===t[h];h--)t[h]=0;t[h]++}else for(h=0;h<12;h++)t[h]=Math.floor(64*Math.random());
   return f}}();

If you are loading entries manually just one at a time (not bulk loading), Clock1.SystemTime might work for you as a unique ID.
Time marches forward.

Thanks u very much @TIMAI2 ,
I have followed this tutorial link,

I try to create a category / grouping in the list view, if the list view element is clicked, the data is displayed again in the number sequence index.

but i need ID Manually

Please explain ? Do you have a solution ?

i want change to manually ID, not index number,.

If you are looking to set an manual ID, how will you ensure this is unique, or different from existing IDs in the dataset?

The Script must be able to search if that "ID" exists, in this case it sends a warning indicating it.

i am comfused

Explain in detail, or show with images, what you want to achieve....