Please give me ideas for my school project!

So i need to create an app for school project. It can be anything i want (games not suggested) It has to be hard so i get a good grade, but not to hard so i can make it. Ty for any ideas!

Would be a good idea to search the community. There are tons of queries about it already. :grin:

What grade is that class?

Use the new Google Sheet component to track what you own and where it is and how much you paid for it.
Make it searchable.
Add an update capability.
Stop there, that is plenty.


We have all seen the classic To Do list app.
How about a To Don't app,with tracking log. Add a graph to show progress over time.


What about simple school management system?

I think that would be very awesome, so first you just need to collect student profile on google sheet I mean "it can be fake one" (Student Name, ID, Registration Date, Date of birth, Grade, Parent's Name, Parant's Email, Parent's Phone Number, etc.)

After that you just need to read the data from google sheet to your app with this method

METRIC RAT AI2 - Use gviz to get and query google sheet data

and then you can process it into anything. :wink:

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Hi domen

Ask yourself what you would find really really useful on your phone ...... that will be a Project you can finish because your heart will be in it.

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Second highschool

An app that gives me money :). But for real i kinda already have apps for everything i really want, also on any app im working on i love it and i can do it for hours, except if im following some tutorial

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