Please find the problem in my app

Hey, Could you tell me where is the problem in my app ? If Yes, Please tell.

.aia : Shubham_Browser.aia (416.1 KB)

Just when I Open the app It shows :

Unfortunately, Shubham Browser has stopped.

Please help.

Salva un'immagine dei tuoi blocchi; affinchè qualcuno ti possa aiutare molto più velocemente.

I don't know Italian but ya, Google helped me in understanding you.

Btw, I have too many blocks in my program so its hard and time consuming to save all of their images and display them here. (Specially because I program on my Mobile phone).

Ya but I'll do it tomorrow and not now cuz its sleeping time in my area.

Bye. :wave:

what about providing a screenshot of only your relevant blocks?

use logcat to find more about the issue


Actually, I don't understand things like logcat. :sweat_smile:
I'm just a child who is extremely interested in coding.(Age : 15)

So I lack knowledge of programming and hence I'm using MIT AI2 for app building.

But I'm still going to send all images of my blocks. Just Wait.

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These are my 5 most doubtful blocks.

I'm quite doubtful of the Screen1.Initialise() method. This is because as soon as my Screen initialises the app closes.

The Screen1.ErrorOccured() method doesn't do a thing.

FilePicker is the name of my ActivityStarter.

I don't know things about ActivityStarter so I need help about it.

I think sending all images would be more than enough cuz there are triple more blocks remaing than the collapsed blocks on the side of the screen.

And expanding blocks is quite extremely hard and frustating on a mobile phone. :sob:

If you have any other PC, you can try logging in App inventor there, and downloading all blocks at once...

NOTE: App Inventor was not made for usage in mobile phones

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My laptop isn't working. So I've to use MIT AI2 in my mobile phone. :sob:

do you have any other computer other than laptop? you can use ai2 from there...

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If I'd have one, I'd rather prefer using ai2 companion on this mobile phone (which I can't do at present) and would use ai2 on that computer.

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