Please examine my logic (or lack thereof)


Might someone look over the attached blocks image and tell me what I am doing wrong? I have 5 labels whose content should change depending on checkbox clicks. I sent up the Metric and Imperial checkboxes to toggle, as well as the choice of Local Readings, Calculator, or ATOM (BLE) which allow only one selection. Metric and Imperial are used basically for defining the Calculator input.

The 5 labels are Temperature_C_Label, Temperature_F_Label, Humidity_Label, Pressure_KPa_Label, and Pressure_PSI_Label) .

In my (obviously mistaken) logic, the checked boxes Local, ATMO, and Calculator should load data into the 5 labels (above) but that doesn't seem to be happening. These labels should further be copied into labels 4 - 8 if my logic was correct but this, as well, is not happening.

Thank you to anyone who can point out my error(s).

July_8_Community.aia (2.4 MB)

Why not you test your checkbox logic by itself with simple label outputs, then start to apply your additional code, step by step?

Your long if statement needs to be in an event/action block somewhere, as it is it will do nothing.

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Don't use checkboxes where you should be using a Spinner or List Picker.

The interactions between the checkbox changed events cause uncontrollable cascade effects.

This setup should be either two List Pickers or two Spinners.

The first should have choices metric/imperial

The second should have choices Local zip code/ATMO/Calculator.

Instead of using the checked() attributes, test the Selection values .

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I apologize for not responding sooner. I get caught up in working on something and days go by. Actually, my check boxes are all good, now. Imperial or Metric was a decision that applied only to the data entry section so I moved them away and created buttons instead. The three checkboxes for local, remote, and calculations all work perfectly and turn one another off as they are checked.

A list picker just doesn't fit with my aesthetics for this project. I will resort to that only if I cannot achieve my objectives as I will be presenting them to you shortly on another thread. Thank you for you ongoing guidance - even when I ignore it;).