Please do not add this to the next update

I am using an offline version of App Inventor which is unofficial and I saw this. I started a topic about this in Kodular and I am not ready to experience more privacy issues. The QR code just goes to localhost:8888/b/xxxx. Please do not add this feature in the next update. This unofficial version of App Inventor Offline looks very REAL and I am so worried now. :weary: ohno

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I do not know what you mean. If you don't give your xxxx code to anyone, no one will download your application. The online address for downloading the application also differs only by the code xxxx.

I also don't think this is an AppInventor bug so the question category is also bad.

He had a massive issue over this on the Kodular forum and refused to listen to reason. Please don’t get involved in a discussion with him about this.

For reference you can view his Kodular topic here.

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I see that John set up an account to ensure our safety.

Well if someone guesses my links because of how simple they look, my apk will be stolen and the assets. I am not ready for more of this "link generating" stuff. And Kodular had this since August of 2020 and MIT was last updated in November of 2020 and it does not have this feature yet. So, it is likely that this feature will never come. Looks like MIT had this idea, but it was never released. It is better that the save .apk to my computer option and the provide QR code for apk are separate. And if someone were to develop a paid app in any App Inventor platform and put it on the Play Store or Amazon App Store, their app will be exposed. And I was wrong with the paid extensions they CAN be extracted and compiled as aix using decompilers.

I did not set up an account for that.

Is just to represent the numbers and letters.

@Mr-Builder why the second account then :wink:

I still have to delete that. How did you know that.

Magic.... :smiley:

Well I am going to delete my other account in less than a minute. Is there any way to transfer my topics to my new profile.

I deleted the account.

The only solution is to use AI2Offline (unofficial) forever as the generated links are not connected to the internet. They are just localhost links which only I can access (that is until I shut down localhost:8888 on my computer).