Please can ANYONE tell me what Im doing wrong here!

Im returning the 5th item in the listpicker but NOT the 3rd?????

Ive been stuck on this the whole day. Destroyed 5 apps in the process but now Im tired!


PS. I had it working yesterday but NOT today. :frowning:

Perhaps if you move the circled code as indicated ...


Do you regularly save aia copies of your Project? If you had, your issue would be fixed already.
Saving aia copies helps developers back out of problem code.

Good luck.

Nope :-((

Im trying one more thing!!!

Make yourself simple debugging. Add a text box in the app and insert text from the blocks into that text box. You will see where the error is. Otherwise you can only guess.

Why are both loop conditions > 1?

Good question. How else might I set it up. its a list in list situation.

Write what logic in blocks you expect. It's hard to help looking at these blocks and reading "doesn't work"

Start with this

should work,.... then explain what you want to do with index 3 for each item from MunicipalityList

I can appreciate that. But I dont know what else to do.

Basically, What I have is a Primary List which list all the States.

I then select the one State in the list I which serves as a php filter which reurns a short list of Municipal areas within that State. To that point it works file.

I then select the municipality record - hoping to get the 3rd Item in that record. Thats where it fails.
It goes to the LAST RECORD in the Municipal List and returns the 3rd item (which is correct. Only problem is that its not the correct record.

The correct record would be the Municipality I selected in the list picker. But it seems to not pick that up and just runs past.

Hope that helps.


From what you say you also want to store a list of all the index 3 items so that when you select an index 5 item from your listpicker, the index 3 item is returned ?

This would be easier if we saw responseContent for each of the phases of this two step lookup.

No, the index 3 Item is the ONLY value I want to save to a variable.

What I am saying is that when I have selected the correct Province It needs to find THAT RECORD and reyurn the 3rd ITEM of that record.


I believe you mean yes :wink:

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I can do that......

You are a GENIUS!!!!! THANK YOU !!!

When it gets off the ground I wont forget you!

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