Player.Source is acting weird

This proves that the file exists and that it is an mp3

However when i try to set the player.source to this filepath it gives an error saying "Error 701: Unable to load /storage/emulated/0/Download/ADAMAS.mp3."

It seems that you dont have that file in the Downloads.

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No, this only return the MimeType of the fileName.


it is tho, i listen to that song alot

i do.
still gives that error.

Show all (relevant) blocks ...

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There seem to be a space at the end of the path, so remove this.

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there isnt tho

What is the file size of that file?

couple of megabytes
no more than 10

are you sure source takes file path? i get the file path from file explorer and paste it but it still doesnt work, still says Error 701: Unable to load /storage/emulated/0/Download/ADAMAS.mp3.

Try this: playerSource.aia (139.9 KB)

This will work, because here is no space at the end of the path.
Copy loop.ogg from the assets to the /Download folder.

Or this: playerSource_2.aia (169.3 KB)

i still get the error
does it work on ur phone?

Which device and Android version?

use the full path... we already talked about that in your other thread...

PS: I will close this thread, because actually it is a duplicate