Player doesn't works

I made a simple app to play mp3 files. The app is done with 16 buttons that controls 16 files and one button to stop all files

press button#, (button# click): player# start, player<>#stop

But when I run the app on my phone, no file plays.
I made a similar app last year and it works well. What is wrong on the new one?

thank you, BR

Hello Rinsel

You only play one mp3 at a time, correct? Therefore you only need one Player!

I think the issue might be that there is inaccuracy in the volume setting (50) - you could add a slider for the User to set the volume.

Also, you don't need all those buttons - a List View can do the same job, better.

How did you arrange the buttons? Did you use a Table Arrangement? That is something else that might cause the issue, it is very easy to corrupt the file with a placement error in that Arrangement.

That's a lot of Mp3s stored in the App Assets (Media). You might want to consider storing them in the ASD (App Specific Folder) so the App is not too big.

Here is a basic example that you can try with your mp3 files:
PlayerMp3.aia (2.6 KB)


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How many MP3 are in the assets and what is the average size of an audio file? And how big are all the MP3s together?

Note: The limit for the aia is 30MB.

Thanks Anke and Christopher for your replies

size of bigger file is 2.3MB, total app size is 24MB

I made all these button because this app is for an old man and he is not friendly with smartphone (and slider)! He only would need to touch the button and the music starts

Yes, I used table arrangement, but also if i place the button without table arrangement (vertical placement), it doesn't work.

Now I try your App


Ok. Your app should work even if only one player is needed by just changing the Player.Source.
Have you tried building the APK and testing with it?