Play video from another folder problem

hi why is my video link not working? When I click the start button, the video does not play. Even the autostart after turning on the screen does not work, did I do something wrong?

Is the file path correct?
Do you have the read permission?

hi, how to make read permission?

that doesn't work either...

This (the ASD) should work without READ permission, but the VideoPlayer needs an absolute (or full) path: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data<packageName>files/myVideo.mp4

Thanks for the replies, I went a step further and tried downloading files from google drive.
The application is structured as follows:

Starting the application initializes Screen1, where it checks if the file exists.
If the file does not exist, a new screen is opened with the entire description of the file download, and Screen1 is closed.
When it reaches 100%, click the Close button, which takes you back to the Screen1 page.
When Initialization detects the absence of the second file, the pattern repeats itself.
Unfortunately, the application itself closes the windows without reaching 100% of the file download status. App crash message pops up.
The files are downloaded, which means it's working fine, but I'd like to avoid crashing the app.

I did as in this topic, but it didn't work:


Download screen:

The file should be 66.7 MB and the app shows 69.99 MB. I have a mistake somewhere?

Maybe I'm checking if the file exists wrong?
I tried that option but it didn't change anything. What's the problem?

Did I do something wrong, is the error in the download2asd extension?

To find out what is going on, use logcat


Copied text from adb:
qqqq.txt (230.1 KB)

Post the aia.

I am asking for a broader description of what I should do, because I use the google translator and I do not know whether to paste some part of the application code here?

As already said, post the aia or better yet a test aia that concerns the relevant part.

Trening.aia (6.9 MB)
Please, I'm uploading the file.

Have you found anything?

  1. I don't understand Polish.
  2. I don't look at 10 screens without knowing when and where the problem arises.
  3. Create a simple test aia (with only 1 screen) that shows the problem and use English blocks.
  4. And also post the blocks.