Plate lookup app (using U.K.s DVLA [ Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency])

I'm thinking to make an app so when I point my camera (or take a photo) of a car's plate number, it can get data corresponding to the car, such as CO2 emission level, etc.. I plan to web scrap it of DVLA, or if there's an API. But I'm not sure how to. Any help is appreciated!

There is an api, but it is not cheap...

Look on DVLA site for more information.

You would probably need some OCR functionality to return the number plate value.

Would web scrapping work? They have an UI and I don't really need a lot of details, just like the brand and when it was manufactured.

It would if you only have a couple of requests a minute but if you will have many requests they might trow a captcha in. If it's from multiple ip addresses it might work. It's worth a try

Try this:

DVLA.aia (2.5 KB)
(only run the data fetch once the final page has loaded)

Will generate a stringified JSON of two lists, the Titles and the Data. (Assuming the titles will always be the same, you could just fetch the data, once you have the titles stored.

@3dmixer makes some good points, so be aware of this.

Note: this example is provided for educational purposes only. It should not be used in a production setting without the website owners permission. I take no responsibility for any repercussions to the user.

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Is it possible for like it to take an input then input it in to the textbox then getting the result into json format or just fetching the values generally.
For example if inputing text into text box is a bit hard, maybe try third parties like:[BRAND]/[PLATE]

Then I can just directly scrap it off then.

See here for how you can inject data to a webpage element using javascript

You would need to inspect the page in order to find the correct elements, the textbox and the submit button.

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