Planning phase question (building an app to display routes)

Before I start my project, I want to ask some questions about best practices.

I am writing a route planner type app. This is what it will do.

  1. Import CVS (Location unknown yet) to a list or TinyDB.
  2. Be able to select 10 records that will do the following.
    a. Add the location to Google Maps for directions.

This information will be deleted so more information can be imported. This question is, Do I save this in a TinyDB or keep it in a list within the App?

So basically I will the Import, Save, Edit, and Delete functions.

Hope this helps and I am willing to read and learn before I start doing this.

Thank you

This can be done with the :

You need to save the list of locations in a TinyDB or an online database. 'Saving' only to a List is ephemeral, not permanent. The information in your list will disappear and not be available the next time you run the app


Excellent information and I will do my homework (even at my age) before asking any more questions.

Thanks again.