Placing the sprite image next to the other

hi do anyone have idea how to place the second image sprite on the left of the other and when the heading is up for example it would still place at the left becouse in my projects sprites are at very diffrent headings

Please show your relevant blocks / designer settings / screenshots

You may need to untick the "Rotates" setting

i just want the way to do that becose i dont find a way how to make it apear on the left no matter what the direction is

Get the x/y coordinates of the sprite "on the right", subtract the width of the second sprite from the x value, and then set this as the x value for the second sprite, keeping the y value the same. The second sprite should be immediately on the left.

Not sure what the heading has to do with this....

well bc i want this to work like that when its heading up it wont be on the left anymore it will be in other direction thats what i mean it will be left when top is considered they way its headed