Placing Blocks In The Block Edititor


The inventor app web user interface makes it very easy to write an app and it is works great. I can write a program in no time, and I am very thankful for that.

After programming some I experienced that a table to place blocks in the block editor would be more easy to overview the written program. So collapsing an expanding of blocks would be more useful, a specially for larger programs. Maybe you have your reasons to not do that... I just let you know guys!

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The ability to collapse and expand blocks is available. You can either double-click on a block to collapse/expand it or you can use the corresponding menu options in the right click menu. You can also find on the right click menu the commands to organize the blocks either in a vertical or horizontal arrangement.

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Yes, there is... By jumping from one to another it could have some interfering whiteout collapsing the first block. I likes to navigate and do one step at the time is less exhausting for a human. I would make it more easy. Use the mouse for zoom in and out and I would use the position of the mouse to zoom in to it, navigating would be much faster.

Just discoverd... zooming in and out could be done by press CTR+SCROLL and left to right by pressing the scroll and move. This will help to navigate from one block to an other. Thanks @ewpatton on bringing me to the next step.

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Hello Dave

You will probably find it easier to navigate if, from the start, you organise your Blocks as a single column.

I believe so! Thanks for the tip.

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Cheers, I did see there are some possibilities... Highlights, sorting, organizing, grids, even typing to find blocks. I will read it one of these days. I think I have enough to proceed.

I did the single column and it s faster to use when the are collapsed. But when there are fault is the code you can navigate to that fault, but you can see where it is because the are collapsed. Soo if you expand all blocks to see it and collapse them all they have changed position.