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I'm standing on the hose and unfortunately I haven't found anything suitable in the community.
I save the values from 2 text fields (txtType and txtMain variety) in a list in List.
After saving in the Tiny, I want to assign the first column (txtType) to a spin field. After a selection in the spinner, the field txtMain should be updated accordingly and display the corresponding entry from the table. Unfortunately, I can't do that. Maybe one of you can help me. I am grateful for any help.

Try using a dictionary, have a look to How do I make a phone call from listview?

I had already thought about it, but unfortunately I don't get it implemented in such a way that it helps me.
Thank you anyway

Does anyone have another suggestion?

You could try like this:

First of all, thank you very much. I tried to use it. For a static list, it works. My only problem is that my list is filled flexibly.... Is there perhaps a solution for this?

Just create your list from your flexible data

Sorry, I just don't understand what is meant by flexible. The problem is that I'm still in the early stages of app development. I need a list of 2 columns. Column 1 Animals, Column 2 Sounds. If I select column 1, I want to see the corresponding sound from column 2. I save the list in a TinyDB. Thank you very much.

I used the word flexible because you used it :slight_smile: Sorry, perhaps I should have said dynamic?

Could you explain how your list of lists is built, show an example, then we can see how to apply this to my proposed solution or try another method?

Thanks for your help.
After pressing the btnSpeichern button, the list is saved.
Via the text fields txtHauptsorte and txtSorte I save a list in TinyDB (SpeicherParzelle).
At the end, the content from column 1 (txtSorte) should be saved in the spinner.
After selection in the spinner, the corresponding value should be displayed in the field (txthaupt).
I added the sample code in the first post.

To confirm, the user builds the list themselves from the two textboxes, then recalls the list items from the spinner ?

yes, so is it

Like this?

spinLabel.aia (3.4 KB)

if you want the output from the spinner selection back in the textboxes:

that's how it works. Thank you so much!!

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