Place images in specific spots in canvas or on screen

Sorry to be a pest. I want to make a grid with five images across the screen (canvas?) it is only giving me the option of placing the image left, center or right. How do I place an image at a specific spot? It allows me to do it with Sprite images but I don’t want them to move. Help Please.


Are you using a canvas from the Drawing and Animation palette, and placing image Sprites on the canvas?

If so, you set the x/y position of the image sprites (see bottom right of each image sprite’s properties in Designer - you can also set these with blocks). As long as you don’t set any movement events for the sprites, they will stay where you put them.

However you might be trying to use a table arrangement?

I did the table arranges and set 5 by 6 but only one big grid shows. What am I doing wrong. By the way. You’re a rockstar. Do you teach this?

Also I want it in my canvas but it’s putting it in my label

Have the new Absolute Arrangements gone into production yet?

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