Pinpointing a data from Look Extension

Is there any way to pin point data from the Look Extension? For example, when it recognizes my hand, I want my app to act according to the results of the classification. Is there any way to do it? I'm a beginner so i might not be using the right terms, apologies in advance

Welcome @Sze_yeoh,

First to know that is, this block image in the when Look1.GotClassification returns a list. The format it returns is the following:


So I want the app to react this way: when I detect a hand in front of the camera, I will tell the user to put away their hand!

The code is about: if the result has a word 'hand' in it, I will call the device to speak the message.

Code related to this:


You could replace the speaking event with what you want.

AIA file (free download):

Look.aia (3.4 MB)

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Thank you sooo much for the help Gordon. Appreciate the patience :))

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