Picture upload causes AI companion to crash

Hi, I am trying to create a web-based social app that allows users to upload profile pictures however when I try uploading the picture through the AI component, it disconnects. May I please be assisted?

Can you show how you upload the image? Please tell something about the image itself. What is the size in KB or MB?

It might be also be doing with something with the path itself on different Android versions.

That's my code using the tinyweb companion, but I am aware that I might need help with it.

I am not sure if the other two pictures suffice., but I try uploading the picture from my device and the AI component always stops.

The image has a wdth of 50 percent and a height of 20

This is how it is displayed. It says nothing about the size in Kilobytes.

You can only send strings to TinyWebDB. So you would have to encode your image to Base64 and send that string.

Your tag shouldn't contain a space as far as I know.

Possibly an easier / better extension to use for image conversion to base64

Image To Base64