Picture resolution/quality between phones

I have a problem with the image quality between phone's.
Both phones are set at 4:3 ratio.

I have multiple canvas but when I take a picture I set the image to background of the canvas:Opgeslagencanvas
This canvas is together with 2 others in a verticalscroll frame one above the other and this is the bottom one.
This vertical scroll frame is set to fill parent in both width and height.
As seen in the image I've set the Canvas to fill parents width and set the hieght to 100%.
This seems to lead to the right ratio when a picture is taken at 4:3.

This leads to an image being put in the canvas after a picture is taken and a bottom alowes the user to save the image as a .jpg.
this works fine the problem is in the end product between different phone's.

I only have acces to 2 phone's a Nokia 7.2 and a Samsung S10.

This is a snippet from the Samsung S10 no zoom.

This is a snippet from the Nokia 7.2

any help would be mutch appreciated

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The image resolutions are quite different, the Samsung one being a much lower resolution....

The Samsung one does not appear to be 4:3 ratio (2.01:1)....in fact neither is the Nokia one (1.57:1) with 4:3 being 1.33:1.

I might have messed up the first image's I'veuploaded here are the files as saved by the app

Source image Nokia

Source image Samsung

You might want to have a look at this guide, which sets the canvas to the correct proportions for the image:

Thank you I'll look into this

What is an image like if taken on the Samsung and just saved to file (not using canvas)?

I'm no expert but I think the camera on the Samsung is beter then the Nokia its just something in the app that messes with it.
I'm yet to try the tutorial you've sugested, I looked at it briefly and it looks promising I'll try that tonight.

All my guide will do is set the canvas to the same dimensions as the image (which is important to help overcome blurry images) but it cannot resolve any issues with the original camera image, which is why i asked about a straight forward camera image to file...

They seem to be the same at 1600x1200 pixels
Samsung below

Nokia Below

Both picture's have been send via Whatsapp I dont know if that compresses the ratio