Picking a list from a few lists

I have 4+ lists of values and im trying to have them sorted by its value,
then have them displayed into text/image boxes
Each list has a value and its sorted so the highest value is first
I need help coding having the proper list selected

This all looks wrong to me. You need to be storing data in lists not variables (for this requirement)

Explain a bit more about what you are trying to achieve

The intention of the app is having the user enter data / fill out questions and then the answers will be shown best to worst
I had not noticed how I had the data as variables as I must of assumed the values would change at some point

Changed out the variables

I recommend typing your flower data into a Google Sheet, rather than in blocks.
Six columns should cover your data:

  • Flower name
  • flower picture file name
  • Soil type
  • Soil color?
  • acidity
  • Bloom time

How would you want to sort such a table?

I have not tried using Google Sheets before and I think it would be easier without. I am not trying to sort the flower information I just need help trying to make this picture into code

Well, at the very least, store your data in a csv file

can you tell me the basics of storing this data in a csv file

Start here:

I just tried this and it worked, i know its not using csv files but this is just an app for school and its my first time using app inventor

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