Pick up or hang up a call by voice

On Android 7, with the "Phone" app in the settings you can select an option that allowed you to take a voice call by saying "answer"
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You could also end a call by saying "hang up"

Since Android eight, this system is no longer installed. I would therefore like to be able from a small application, if it would be possible thanks to a voice system to be able to press the answer button by saying "pick up" and then press the hang-up button by saying "hang up"

Is it possible ?

Thank you

It is certainly not possible using Blocks. Why? The PhoneCall that uses the System phone code only has control of initiating a phone call (MakePhoneCall and Make PhoneCallDirect Methods). It does not have an appropriate Method to answer or terminate a call.

Additionally, if a HangUp or Answer Method were available; the app would have to run in the Background to continually access the SpeechRecognizer with App Inventor.AI cannot do that without an extension.

You would need a very fancy extension to do this which at the present time, I do not believe exists.

Note the feature you are discussing may require Google Assistant ( * If Google Assistant is on, you can answer or decline a call with your voice. You can say:

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Look for this same solved issue : answer-to-an-incoming-phone-call.
Although it is not solving the Background situation.

you can have your main app listening your voice, and this main app can open an second on wich can answer an close phone call...