Pick up or hang up a call by voice

On Android 7, with the "Phone" app in the settings you can select an option that allowed you to take a voice call by saying "answer"
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You could also end a call by saying "hang up"

Since Android eight, this system is no longer installed. I would therefore like to be able from a small application, if it would be possible thanks to a voice system to be able to press the answer button by saying "pick up" and then press the hang-up button by saying "hang up"

Is it possible ?

Thank you

It is certainly not possible using Blocks. Why? The PhoneCall that uses the System phone code only has control of initiating a phone call (MakePhoneCall and Make PhoneCallDirect Methods). It does not have an appropriate Method to answer or terminate a call.

Additionally, if a HangUp or Answer Method were available; the app would have to run in the Background to continually access the SpeechRecognizer with App Inventor.AI cannot do that without an extension.

You would need a very fancy extension to do this which at the present time, I do not believe exists.

Note the feature you are discussing may require Google Assistant ( * If Google Assistant is on, you can answer or decline a call with your voice. You can say:

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