PICaboo app not working

I was following the tutorial for the "Personal Image Classifier: PICaboo" project but for some reason when I download the app onto my phone and try to use the camera, it keeps giving me errors that said
" Bad arguments to *
The operation * cannot accept the arguments:,
[{"NotMe: 0.97113,"Me":0.03037}], [100] "
(The numbers are different every time depending what was on the camera at the time) I'm assuming this error means that it couldn't accept the arguments and multiply them by 100 like the program was coded to but I couldn't figure out why. If someone could help me troubleshoot this it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Show your relevant blocks and a screenshot of the error received.

You can download the blocks image by,

Right-Click on the Blocks Area > Click on "Download Blocks an png" option from the popup.

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You are multiplying a Dictionary with the number 100 as the result variable is a Dictionary !!!!!

That's not possible anyhow !!!!!


Its in the last event block.

Use get (MeConfidence) and get (NotMeConfidence) in the Mathematical Conversions instead.

Also, why are you multiplying result with 1000 for WidthPercent in the fourth multiplication in that event ?

Peplace get result blosks see



I accidently put in another 0 at the end there but thank you for the help the app is working properly now!!!

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Then you should mark the solution in that post. :wink: