Hi All,

This is my first time using the AI Companion and I absolutely love it so far!

I am working on a project which involves an arduino and a bluetooth HC-05 module.

My goal is: On incoming calls, send a serial message over the bluetooth module to the arduino to perform and action.

I have successfully set up the Bluetooth functionality and am able to send messages via an on screen button, however I cant seem to get phone functionality to respond on my phone at all.

Based on the documentation and other tutorials I’ve seen online, this usage should work, however no call related operations function at all. It seems like the incoming phone functionality on the phone side isn’t talking to the AI Companion side, so as a result no call related functions take place.

I can’t tell if my usage is incorrect or if there is a compatibility issue with my phone and AI Companion.

I am using a Samsung Note 9 Android version 10

I am interfacing with AI Companion over WiFi.

Thanks again for your help!

Edit: I have no other android devices to test on.

Issue Solved!

The phone related features don’t work while in “connection” mode. You need to build into an APK and then run on your phone. This gives the app permissions to access phone functions.

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