Phonecall Dual sim problem

I have been using the Phonecall option extensively in my app.
I make use of MakePhoneCallDirect command to send the digits to the Android phone dialer.
This has been working on Dual sim phones, untill about a week ago.

During the past few days when it brings up the menu for you to select the SIM 1 or Sim2, both these options are greyed out, and you cannot make a choice.

Has anyone else encountered the same problem?

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Hello Zacharias

Apart from the SIM menu options being greyed-out, what else has changed in the past week? Something in the App? The version of Android?

When you say:

How many phones? All belonging to you or is the App distributed to others that have dual SIM phones? If distributed, by what means? An online store?

There have been no updates or changes on the app from our side. The only change we have noticed is this, I am sure there has been more. We started noticing it on Saturday and it has been happening on different models of phones, it seems they all running Android12

The App is built for each customer with their custom branding on it, therefore the app is not published on any store. After it has been compiled and tested, we sent it to them with a Wetransfer link.

If i use the MakePhoneCall command instead of the MakePhoneCallDirect command, I am not faced with this problem. However, this affects the efficiency of the app, and extra clicks are added for the customer to make a phone call.

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Sounds like there is an issue with your App on Android 12. Android may now work differently with dual-sim phones and call-direct. I think you need a similar phone to the Client's in order to investigate. I wouldn't ignore Android 13 either.

I am sure it has to do with permission that has been changed with an Android update.

I have a lot of devices out there that were working 100%, and all of a sudden last Saturday the ones running 2 SIm cards started with this problem.

If we set the phone to use a specific sim for calls, it works 100%


Same to me for my TalkTime app in Flutter.
I use last package flutter_phone_direct_caller: ^2.1.1 with last Flutter 3.10.6...

Found solution, but it’s not consistant, after several minutes the problem comes back :

Go to data storage settings of Google Phone application and "Clear Data" :

Is there an Extension that will work with MIT app Inventor for this?

Not to my knowledge, but Seb is saying you can't rely on it in Flutter, so an AI2 extension would need to be more savvy.

You can post to the Extensions forum with this as a suggested Extension - someone may take on the challenge but we rarely have any posts about dual sim phones so not many developers are going to be interested in using such an extension.

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