Phone size Dev. Monitor configuration to match Real phone size


How to change the dev. monitor dimensions in MIT app interface to reproduce what I see on my cell phone? The monitor offers a phone Size (505.320) and my actual needs are (625.362).


The "B" image represents what I actually see on my cell phone and it is perfectly laid out as I wish it would be in real life.

Image "A" represents what I see on the dev. monitor (505,320) which does not represent what I actually see on my cell phone. I wish I could configure this monitor to 625, 362 and it will perfectly reproduce what I see on my cell phone.

Thank you for your help

How will this display on other devices.....?

Use the companion app connected to your specific device to layout your app.

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When I use the Tablet Size option (675,480) I am now able to see my entire dev space.
This mode displays 480 pixels wide and I need 362.
This approach fixes my display problem while developing in the dev monitor app.
Thank you - Martin


Is your App only for your own use and is only ever going to be on that one phone? If the answer is no, do not use pixels to define the overall GUI - use percentages.

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Post the aia or a test aia.