Phone OTP verification

Please can any one help me ? I want users login using their phone number, and verify whether the user has access to the number they used.

OTP ? a one time password

Using Android Studio you might Firebase Authentication with Phone Number OTP in Android - GeeksforGeeks

With App Inventor you might be able to do something similar. Here are some resources for OTP otp verification - Google Search

What have you tried?

Seems it is possible via the REST api / Web component

so far, tested and working with "fake phone number and code"

Now got OTP working in a webviewer with real phone number, but more testing to do....

Thanks for your guidance, but i didn't come up to the result. may be i need other explainations.

What i tried but doomed to nothing is these:

I i copy out the tamplate you let to me in my notpad ++, and replace from // add the latest CDN with script type="module">
// Import the functions you need from the SDKs you need
import { initializeApp } from "";
import { getAnalytics } from "";
// TODO: Add SDKs for Firebase products that you want to use
// 將 Firebase 添加到您的 JavaScript 項目  |  Firebase Documentation

// Your web app's Firebase configuration
// For Firebase JS SDK v7.20.0 and later, measurementId is optional
const firebaseConfig = {
apiKey: "AIzaSyDT75zpvHlhtMmJwaE7YFHHcmyiPH6ESHQ",
authDomain: "",
databaseURL: "",
projectId: "myfirebasecallattempt",
storageBucket: "",
messagingSenderId: "501514603760",
appId: "1:501514603760:web:9c797fc6d24c057b85c635",
measurementId: "G-KLVC36NFD2"

but if Iopen it with XAMPP ,it display the layout as you defined it . when i enter my phone number nothing hapen.

Through webviwer I came up to get the lay out in my MIT APK, but since it didn't wort on web , it connot actually work on my apk.

Can you let me have any other required info. I just beginner in coding.

Another thing there are DATA you used in the correspondent that i didn't come up to know were you get them, are they constants or variables, access token, UID, ..

Thanks to have read me.

then since it doen't work

This is all you needed. Don't know why you did all the other stuff, which is for an npm setup. I did not include this in my guide.

Just add your firebase config (as quoted above) to the html file I provided.

The file cannot be run locally, e.g. file:///dir1/myhtml.html, it must be http or https