Phone number extraction

In the application that I am writing, in order to authenticate a person, it is necessary to match the mobile number on which the application is installed with the database number, and if it matches, to allow the user to continue working. Therefore, the app should extract the number from the SIM card. I have found codes in the following link, but how can these codes be used in the Inventor app? or is there any simpler way?
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and the link ?

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thanks you are great :hugs: :hugs:

unfortunately, i couldn't extract phone number and i understand that phone number didn't save on Sim in my country.
if it's possible say some solution for IMEI number.

therefore i couldn't use IMEI, but in my app i should be sure every person will send his position with his phone via my app to database, therefore i don't want to use SMS authentication. do you have any idea?

There are a few options, maybe this:


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or better the App Inventor Extensions: Account Manager | Pura Vida Apps
Pick Google Account extension, which does not need any permissions


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thanks a lot. i will try with this.

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