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you initialize last_button as Button1, so if you click Button1 and the Animation ends, last_button is Button1, which not might be what you want…


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

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Button1 is not visible at first. In the AnimationEnd event, assigns the current button to last_button. The buttons appear but not quite. You can’t see them but you can click on them. To see what the problem is better to run the .aia file. It’s hard to describe.

Try this (to avoid the buttons disappear):


It works! Super extension. Thank you Anke for another good help;). So this is not just ordinary animation. “Out” methods cause elements to disappear or decrease :). We can do as you suggested or that:

It would be possible to make the “AnimationEnd” event return what element was animated?
It would be a good idea to delay between animations in continuous mode. Now the delay works like this:
Delay -> Animation, Animation, Animation …
It could be like this:
Delay -> Animation, Delay -> Animation, Delay -> Animation.

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I just LOVE this extension and it’s soo useful. I used it in my App which will be published soon, and it is just amazing.

The fact that shocked me is, that this extension is 100% free and @Shreyash made this completely without gaining money.

I just can thank you very very much and hope to see other good work like this in the future.



AppInventor: learning not earning


Yes better quote:

Credits to @Peter



Nice, thanks a lot @Shreyash


A kind suggestion to everyone using the extension: I haven’t updated this thread in a while, so, please follow the below thread on the Kodular community for latest updates, etc. on the extension :point_down:

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Dear Shreyash,

like you may already know, the MIT AI2 Hackathon 2020 started already. We as the participants of it are allowed to use extensions, but we also must provide a permission of the owner, which is, in this case, you.

I was really satisfied about Phase, how many different types of Animations there were, I am amazed!

It would be really helpful to me if you gave me (and others who may want to use Phase) a permission.


Just a suggestion:
To get quick reply ask for same in Kodular Community else wait... :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry but I have currently no access to the Kodular Community, that's why I asked here.

I think you knew it I already said it in the YourFonts Extension

Also I think that in the Kodular Community the owners will, like here, give it for all, so if there is a permission, it will be for all. Isn't there also asked

Not yet.
Btw curious to know why you can't access Kodular Community?

Hi Yoshi,
Thanks for reaching out. Here's my consent for using Phase in your hackathon projects, and anyone using the extension is free to use it:

I, Shreyash Saitwal, hereby give my consent to <your_name_or_email> to use my free extension, Phase, in their project for MIT App Inventor Hackathon for the year 2020. Also, I allow MIT to republish the extension as a part of <your_name_or_email> 's project file in case it is required for the hackathon.


Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Until the extension is updated it is useless with app inventor n184.

@Shreyash After latest update extension is not working, see below

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Oh, thanks for reporting. I'm not feeling well since last few days. I'll update the extension once I get well.

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