PersonalImageClassifier help (coding blocks not working)

Hi I'm a designer, and I'm learning about using MIT app inventor in school.

I am learning about using personalimageclassifier and create a model.mdl file to create a picaboo app. I stumbled upon a problem in not seeing any coding blocks at the blocks page despite already having the model file in the personalimageclassifier model section.

I have never been in touch with coding before and I am very unfamiliar with how it works. May I know what should I do to get the codes out in the blocks page?

Image 1

Image 2


take a look here, maybe can help you:
Introduction to Machine Learning: Image Classification (

Image Classification WhatIsIt Student Guide.pdf - Google Drive

Hi thanks for the reply, I followed the steps but even with using the different extensions and different projects, I get no coding blocks for the extensions at the blocks page. :frowning:

Change the toolkit to expert:

Woah, it works thanks so much :slight_smile:

Btw, can I ask before i change it to expert, a pop up showing 'reporting a bug' appeared, but I still managed to change, should i be concerned? :confused:

No. If everything continues to work correctly, there is no problem.

okie, thanks for the help :smiling_face:

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