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After a long time i started with my personal website where I almost only talk about App Inventor. It is in Dutch and I will post tutorials, material, tips & tricks and news all related to App Inventor. My tutorials will focus on the beginning user of App Inventor. I already have 14 tutorials planned. In my tutorials I use the Dutch translation of App Inventor.

I wanted to make an App Inventor website for a long time and I was thinking of making it in English. But I found out I wouldn't make a difference since there are plenty of English sites. As far as I know, and i searched a lot, there is no Dutch website on App Inventor. So the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium can use my website.

You can find my site at


Very nice Peter, well done :+1:

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:crazy_face: :rofl: :+1:

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Heel goed!
Ik hoop dat er wat meer Nederlands-sprekenden belangstelling krijgen voor App Inventor!


Dat hoop ik ook

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Google translates to English nicely so I'm sure it would be pretty good for other languages too, GT has improved a lot recently. How about GT German Anke?

Your layout is very user friendly Peter, ideal for beginners. I already have a favourite image too - the one for extensions :grin: