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Nearly 10 years ago I developed a functional app here titled Words for Aleta which I might be able to find on one of my old cellphones.
I just signed up again and have forgotten a lot.
I used the same email then that I'm using now but I'm not sure what I used as a username (or password).
I would very much like to locate that app on this site (if it's still stored somewhere).

Any suggestions?


So that would have been in the App Inventor Classic era. I am sorry to say but I don't think that data will be available any more after such a long time.

My advise would be to start over and gain your knowledge back with the "new" App Inventor. On the community you can get a lot of help in making the 2021 version of your "Words for Aleta".

Can you tell something about what the app was for?

My wife had primary progressive aphasia and had trouble finding words and understanding what I was trying to say (mostly nouns at first).
The app allowed for entering (or saying) a word, or tapping a picture of an object in a table, and it would display a larger picture of the object with the word underneath and say it twice.
The database was headshots of people she knew as well as foods, animals, body parts, etc

I was a COBOL programmer for many years and remain frustrated to this day that I cannot make computers (phones) do whatever I want them to do.

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I assigned this topic to one of the App Inventor developers. They will know for certain if your project might be still available somewhere.

@bcrozierw Was the app similar to this

pointTalk ?

Several of the PUs @TIMAI2 and @Ghica and myself have developed similar apps which I expect they would be willing to share the aia's. Let me see if I can find the one I created (if this is something you are interested in).

I think this is sometimes called a communications board.

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App Inventor Classic was very different from our current App Inventor 2. Even if we could find the data, it won't run on App Inventor 2.

Yes, I made an app that used the Bliss language, which was a pictorial language used in Canada, Sweden and Belgium for people who could not talk. It is a bit silent around Bliss, I do not know the status of it.
I do have the app, but it would require rework.
The first question to answer would be: what should the app do in your new version?
Do you have the pictures you want to have in the app?

Based on Susan's comments, it does not appear you will not be able to retrieve your old Project. :cry:

But there is hope. :slight_smile:

Here are some suggestions:

  1. The files you used in your Words for Aleta might be somewhere on your PC. If you rebuild, these files would save you lots of time recreating your original app's graphics.

  2. This is a link to 'similar' apps Tim and I posted and comments by Ghica . Look for autism2.aia by SteveJG and CommsCanvas.aia by Tim. Both are works in progress. Also look for Ghica's comments. You can experiment with the various ways we used to create our apps and find one suitable for you.

  3. Since I made the proof of concept app, I discovered this link today. It has lots of board resources (mainly free to use communication board graphics) t you might use in your Project.

Have questions? Ask and someone will provide advice and specific help if you need it Brian. :slight_smile:

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