Personal Image Classifier no longer works

creating an image classifier which worked fine two works ago but now it does not give any results.

I used the Personal Image Classifier Extention and the code from the video adding the list from this post Personal image classifier display

As I said it worked fine about two weeks ago but now it stopped worked and I am no longer getting any results. Why might that be? Is there something with the Extention or could it be the WebViewer


  1. Have you modified your code?
  2. At what stage of the process does it stop working?
  3. Error message?

App Inventor has been updated to nb191 - I can't see any of that update having an effect though.

Are you running in the Companion?

Didn't change the code.
It doesn't show errors.
It just does not give any results.
The text label for the results does not show anything.
What is nb191?
When was that?

I tried the AI companion and the apk neither works

nb191 is the latest (current) version of App Inventor, introduced February 17th

Ok. How often do these updates happen?
I am thinking if I get it fixed some how now it might happen again with the next update

Perhaps the Personal Image Classifier Extension needs to be updated too....... I see it was last built in 2021:

They happen a few times per year and they are not necessarily specific to App Inventor - Google is constantly changing the 'behind the scenes' stuff for Android, which affects every Android Builder.

Oh man. That's not something I can do...
Can you think of a workaround?

At the moment, we do not know the cause of the issue.... I'm assigning your Topic to MIT directly. They are back on Monday.

Ok. Thank you very much.

There is one thing - you need to update the Companion to version 2.66

Update the Companion

Thank you very much got that done

Hi just added another AI to the app using the Personal Image Classifier Extention. This AI has only 2 categories and it seems to work. Also I tried yesterdays AI on an old version of the app (from December) and both AIs work on it. So it can´t be the extention itself. Maybe there is something on that specific screen that kind of blocks the extention. Is that possible?

If you are using other extensions, there maybe a 'clash' in the use of a .jar (library).

Also, the extension may or may not be affected by:
Any extensions that use 'Pending Intent' will need to make sure that they assert whether the 'Pending Intent' is mutable or not to satisfy a new Android 12 constraint.

We need to see your Project for testing @ MIT please XYZ123.

Hallo very sorry I created the screen from scratch, and it works now. I took out a few arrangements. I think that was it. Also I changed some images from MB to KB. Maybe that helped too.

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That probably did help - thank you for letting the forum know about your findings, no doubt it will help others.

PIC does not use pending intents so this should not be an issue.