Personal Audio Classifier Extension - GotClassification block not working

When using the PersonalAudioClassifier extension, after I call the "ClassifySoundData" function on an audio file, the "GotClassification" block or the "Error" block never gets executed. (Please refer to the code block below). I am using some text to debug and they never show up.

I am using a "SoundRecorder" from the Media palette to record the audio that goes into the classifier. (Note the file generated from the sound recorder is of the formal .3gp).

When running the app in AI companion I get no error.

Hmm... the extension should work okay when interacting with the SoundRecorder. Were you able to successfully train the model through the website without issue?

Yes, I was able to train the model. Ran some predictions on the website, which ran pretty well. Downloaded the file and used the same in the app.

Hmm. Have you tried this in the companion, as a compiled app, or both? I recall there is an issue with running it in the companion so if you've only tried that, see if you can run it as a compiled app.

I have tried on both, the companion and the compiled app but no luck. Before starting out, I also ran the Test_PAC.apk on my device and that ran just fine.

Please PM me the AIA file and I will take a look. If classification is working on the website and the test app worked correctly, I don't have an immediate understanding of what could be causing it to fail in your app.