Permissions not asked whenever I build my app into APK

Permissions are not asked whenever I build my app into .APK.

I have no idea why it is asked when I use AI2 Companion.
So this is my code blocks about permissions.

Is there something wrong?
Do I have to add something more?

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ONLY ask for permissions in the Screen.Initialze events...
and call the Get method AFTER the permission has been granted...

also in the PermissionsGranted event... if you already have the permission FineLocation you do not have to ask for it anymore... same for the WifiState permission...


  • Ask for permissions step by step.

  • All you have to do is request dangerous permissions (since non-dangerous permissions are granted by default).

  • If you request WRITE permission, READ permission is also granted implicitly (automatically) on devices with Android < 11.

  • If you request WRITE permission on Android 11, this permission will NOT be granted because it no longer exists on Android 11+. (This is currently a bug in AI2). Instead of WRITE, however, READ permission is granted (on Android 11+). → @ewpatton



Thanks for your help!
also I'm sorry for late reply.

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