Permission write_external_storage NOT WORKING IN android 11


I have problem with permission write_external_storage. On adroid 10 it works fine on android 11 is not working.
I want to run image picker and camera but it returns error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has ben denied, Pls enable it in the settings app.

App is asking me for permission , I click ok but it returns error anyway when I try to run for example image picker.

How to solve this ?

Yes, Android 11 does not allow WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

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Thank You for reply.

Is there any solution for android 11 to use image picker and get access akso to camera ?

Yes right.

See this topic:

In Screen1 Properties, set the DefaultFileScope to Legacy.

THANK YOU ! It work now super fine !

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Yes, but this is a bug that apparently affects all components that can store something.
There is no point in declaring the WRITE permission on Android 11 as it doesn't exist on Android 11 and works the same way as the READ permission. But if WRITE permission is not declared you will get this strange error 908.
This bug needs to be fixed.


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