ImagePicker1 access photos - Requires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission

Hi Everyone,

I am using ImagePicker1 to select my canvas background image from phone photos DCIM and Pictures. But WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is required when my test app is installed in Android version 11 (only version available to test). I tried using the following for Screen1 DefaultFileScope,

  • App
  • Shared
    but does not work.
    I used the Legacy and it works.

Is this (Legacy) the right way to access/read those shared pictures from DCIM and Pictures folder?

Or the ImagePicker1 has a problem when using the option Shared?

I have read related community posts and as I understand Shared option has access to DCIM and Pictures. In my case with ImagePicker1 does not work with Shared option, only in Legacy.



So, Ask for permission permission name = WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Do I need to do it when using Screen1 DefaultFileScope = Shared to access/read photos from DCIM using ImagePicker1?

Update: I did try to place the permission in screen1 initialize but still does not work with Shared option.

ImagePicker1 only works with the Legacy option in my case even without Screen1.AskForPermission placed in the block.

Using Android 11.

blocks - 2021-08-28T130132.299

And even the ImagePicker is affected, because it saves the selected image in the ASD (for whatever reason). See here.

Thank you for the information and the related linked topics.