Permission problem

Hello everyone,

I forgot how I fix the problem half a year ago and hope someone can help.

Please see the image below,

when screen1 is initialize, all the things work fine before the line "call csv", I have to grant the read permission on the phone but nothing will be happened after that. I have to click the refresh button(on the right hand side) one time and then everything works fine even after closing the application. I can't remember how I fix this problem half a year ago, I have to update the app now but I have lost my latest version of aia which is problem free.

I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot.


Difficult to advise as your code snippet does not tell the whole story.

You might be adding a little too much to Screen Initialize. What does call BGM Start do for example. A better strategy would be to start a Clock Timer at the end of Screen Init, duration say 200 milliseconds, and in the Clock Timer Block:

  1. Switch the timer off
  2. Import the CSV File

Then in the File Got Text Block:

  1. Do whatever the App Does with the CSV data
  2. Call BGM Start
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Hi @MK1983 Welcome
You might want to try EFile extension if you want to read file from assets.
It does not unnecessarily ask for/need permissions.

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Finally find that timer is the thing that I should use and the problem gone. Totally spend 5 hours to test this problem.


I will try this later.


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