Permanent switch error

Help. If the switch is on, there is no error. If the switch is off error

The operation On cannot accept the arguments: , [""]


You have a typo there.

Switch.On = either True or False - so that is what you should store in TinyDb, not the component Block.

Also you have a logic error. Your code says "If Switch On" this means "If Switch On is True" so then, having established it is true, your code sets it to ...... true!

hI. So too a mistake

In the "call.TinyDB1.Get.value" block set the input "valueIfTagNotThere" to a logical block of "false", instead of an empty text field.

in this case, the switch is always on, even if it is turned off

Hi again - you could help yourself a lot by investing a day doing the free tutorials.

You should not use a number as a TinyDb Tag. You can do this: "T12". Better is a meaningful Tag name.


I do not know how you test it but you do it wrong.

thank you very much for your help

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