Periodic Table Game help needed

I want to make a game where when clicking on a chemical element below and clicking on its position in the periodic table above, the button below will hide and the button above will display the image.

Your question / issue is ?

I can't think of the code for it

Set button visibility for the button above. (to hide it)

On button click event, set the image related to the button to an image component.

You will either need to hide your periodic table and show the image component, or use an extension that provides an overlay for the image e.g.


What I mean is that when 2 buttons are pressed (1 button is the element and the other is the position in the periodic table), the element button is hidden and the position button displays the image.

@TIMAI2 can you help me?

You cannot press two buttons at once

Make a simple example project to show what you mean....

Assuming you are using two arrays of buttons, the lower for what to find in the upper, you could keep a global init with a dictionary of elements and their upper button components.

This is a matching game.

We have plenty of them.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.

need_help.aia (76.4 KB)

I looked at your blocks.


You don't have any images in the Media folder.

Also, you repeated the same button click event for every element, where you could have used a generic block approach with lists and dictionaries, to avoid such duplication.

I suggest you study

for your next competition.