Performance Issue in App vs. AI Companion

When I test a feature of my app in the AI Companion it works smoothly, but when I install the apk and test (same device) the performance degrades.

The feature I'm testing:
I've created a scrolling list of images by placing a canvas (automatic height) inside a vertical scroll arrangement (automatic height), and then in the canvas spacing out several image sprites in two columns using X and Y coordinates (for 16 rows).

The test results:
When testing via AI Companion the list scrolls smoothly, when I test via installed app on the same device, the list scroll is choppy.

Troubleshooting so far:

  • The image files (and size) are the exact same when I compare the images in the assets folder used for AI Companion with the images packaged in the .apk, so I'm fairly sure it's not because of image size.

  • I've also stripped down various other portions of the app (both images and code) to see if the app size is the problem, and after reducing from 47mb to 7mb the same issue still occurs.

Hello Chad

Well, that is very strange because the opposite should be true - the APK should be faster than using the Companion. I would have probably used Arrangements and Image components rather than Canvas (easier to make run time changes) or indeed the slickest solution would probably be an HTML page in a Web View component (no internet required).

We need a representative Project File that clearly demonstrates the issue. It's likely to need the MIT team's attention but they are working on the forthcoming release so there won't be a quick response.

Hi Chris,

I appreciate the response, and agree I expected the same. I toyed with Arrangements but opted for canvas due to flexibility of image placement (which I may need in future enhancements). As for HTML, I wasn't aware that could work that way, and would be interested in trying as an alternative. If you have documentation / tutorials to get me started I'd be grateful.

What's the best way to provide a representative Project File?

... the smallest file possible that demonstrates the issue.

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HTML is very easy:

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Understood, but where / how do I make that file available to you (or others looking at this thread)? I don't see an attachment option on this thread (maybe I'm just missing the obvious :slight_smile:)

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Thank you! I had to step away from this project for a while, but the instructions were very helpful. Please see the aia file attached. The scrolling list mentioned is on the screen named "Main", then under the section labeled "Item Designs" select "View list". This will open the item list that scrolls smoothly in AI companion, not so smoothly when the app is installed on the same device.

Chad_App.aia (3.5 MB)