Pdf viewer text selection extension needed please help.

Hey pro devlopers please help me I need extension which can select pdf text which is present in pdf if anyone have these type of extension or method pleae help me :pray::pray:.

@gopal_gopal please use search feature in extensions category to find extensions also you can find this extensions that you are looking for

@Arman Sorry sir I searched to many times but not found the extension or method if you know please give that topic or extension link

if you want to view or create pdf this extension can help you but if you have another idea you can find it from web or you can create your own (if you learned javascript) well If you don't reach your goal, I can say that there is no way for it now

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As you provide link i already using these extension but in that extension selection Option is not pressent.

For creating extension ( I am an arts student don't know about java but i like sratch program & thats why I am not able to make these extension).

sorry, I can't help you but no problem, you can make another application

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Search the community for OCR

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Not all pdf files will let you select the text

  1. Security locked
  2. Text is an image

That said, all of the PDF Viewer extensions render a page just as a browser would, so if the PDF allows, you should be able to copy-paste text manually - that includes the extension you have tried.....

Sorry but i check 15 + pdf file to select text and it doesn't work.

@TIMAI2 I think itwill help me Now i am going to search.